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Excellent tools for your upholstery needs

At Stanley Foam Co. of Wallington, NJ, we offer a wide selection of tools to help you with any project you're working on. Check out our options below and see what we can do to help you!

Designing upholstery Creating an upholstery

• Hammers

• Hog rings

• Staple pullers

• Regulators

Superior quality C.S. Osborne tools we carry include:

We also offer numerous types of foam rubber items, upholstery supplies, vinyl, and ottomans and pillows.


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Other important services include:



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• FREE problem solving advice

  for any project

• In business since 1956

• Will work with decorators to

  customize any job

• No minimum purchase


• Family owned and operated

• Will recommend quality

  upholsterers in your area

• Conveniently located

• Superior customer service

• Pliers

• Bazooka

• Webbing stretchers

• Curve/straight needles (All

  sizes available)

We can get any C.S. Osborne tool you need!